Dr. Derek Alessi

(Health, Fitness, Lifestyle)


Health & Fitness Director Program 


(Designed to work in conjunction with your current health & fitness, personal trainer program)

·         Establishment and measurement of body composition tracking

·         Workout recommendations, design

·         Dietary recommendations

·         Glucose monitoring

In-Home Personal Training

(Let Dr. Derek handle every part of shaping and toning your body and improving strength)

·         Establishment and measurement of body composition tracking

·         Workout design, in -home fitness trainer sessions (2-5 times week)

·         Dietary recommendations

·         Glucose monitoring

Private chef service

(Delicious & Fat Dropping Meals made especially for you!)

·         Breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks available

·         Custom designed to get you the healthy lifestyle results you want

·         Ability to customize likes, dislikes, portion size and cuts of meat

·         Meals contain your choice of protein (chicken, fish, turkey, beef, pork, eggs), choice of vegetables

·         Constantly changing menus take advantage of  fresh seasonal foods available

·         Over 1500 unique healthy recipes used that have been developed to achieve maximum results and flavor

·         Prepared using only heart healthy mono-unsaturated fat (olive oil) or super-fat Macadamia nut oil

          (liquid gold)

·         Full delivery service , we will even put it away in your refrigerator

·         Delivered fresh not frozen to your home or work

·         Choose between 3 – 7 days per week options

If you want to achieve ultimate in health, fitness and recapture your youth - at any age - contact me NOW for a consultation and we’ll work to improve it immediately.

Make the most of your life …live it fit

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